Melissa Deluco

More information to be added soon!A lover of new experiences, Mellissa opted to participate in yoga classes with very little knowledge or know-how. Despite her first impressions she notes that, “For some reason, she kept going back.” Little did she know, her intermittent practice at the local gym was the tip of the iceberg.


Mellissa became acquainted with a holistic practitioner who she credits for opening the doors for her to a seemingly whole new world. Through much learning and application of practical, holistic ideals, in conjunction with a developing yoga practice, Mellissa’s opinions of yoga from both a physical and philosophical understanding began to evolve, as did she.

Within a short time, Mellissa resigned from her job as medical assistant. The very next day, she found herself as a student in yoga teacher training, and also went on to obtain multiple certifications in holistic health and lifestyle coaching. She has been teaching since 2013 and notes, “My class is always changing and evolving – no two are exactly the same. I like to allow for each class to serve as an offering and expression of source energy flowing to and through all participants, creating an organic unfolding in the moment and a unique experience overall.” Mellissa believes that her ability to "go with the flow" is a key asset to her level of professionalism and responsibility as an instructor, as well as a means of ensuring that every student, no matter their “level,” is offered exactly what is needed, including first and foremost, a safe practice.

Mellissa also offers yoga lessons, private coaching, and intuitive sessions as additional avenues for sharing her gifts and paying it forward to anyone eager and ready to receive.