Leslie Lagani

Leslie considers herself a modern day mystic. Her life’s work is to utilize her extensive knowledge of the metaphysics and her psychic abilities to help those here, and on the other side.

Mediumship is a tool for healing our grief and sense of loss. Knowing that our loved ones never die, gives us hope not only for them, but for ourselves. Here is a ponderable: if you know that death wasn’t the end, how would you live your life now? For over 25 years, Leslie has used the ancient divination tool, the Tarot. Leslie has done countless readings locally and abroad, giving insight and guidance to those in need. Leslie’s readings give enlightenment, validation, and possible future outcomes. Through the use of Tarot, Leslie can give you an eagle’s eye view of where you have been, where you are now, and where you are heading. Leslie can assist you with navigating through career, relationship, financial, and many other areas we all experience each day. Insight and clarity equals peace of mind and confident decision-making.

Workshops by Leslie