Ellen Pinney

Ellen continues her journey in mindful movement and yoga with completing her yoga teacher training at Spiritual Journey Wellness Center, and becoming a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance in March 2017.

Ellen’s need for physical movement is in her DNA, like a long drink of water, it satisfies the thirst. The love of movement, creative expression, and the mind-body-spirit connection has been a lifelong passion and mainstay in her life. Dance discipline and well-being began at the age of 4 with studying the dance forms of jazz, modern, tap and ballet at Dorothy Enderline School of Dance, (Union, NJ) Betty White Fernandez School of Dance, (South Orange/Maplewood, NJ), NJ School of Ballet (Orange, NJ), and the New School in Manhattan. Performing, teaching and choreographing well in her late 20’s. Always seeking connection and expression through all forms of movement, Ellen began practicing Pilates and Yoga at the Corey Lucas Studio in Somerville, NJ with teachers from Yoga Central in 2006.  Ellen felt it was a  transformative experience.  She describes this first experience with yoga and pilates as “all the “Feel Good” elements of physical movement or a well-executed piece of dance choreography in one beautiful hour. Experiencing mental focus, discipline, and challenge; the emoting of creativity as my body moves and reaches through space; the muscles finding flexibility, length, and strength; building my heart rate; slowing, deepening, and broadening my breath with every movement, as my body seeks balance in every pose, was transcendent.” Ellen continued to practice at Ultimate Gym Forked River, NJ from 2011  through 2014 and Honor Yoga in Hillsborough, NJ in 2015. She received her certification in Mat Pilates and Yoga in 2013 and was a substitute teacher with Ultimate Gym. As her life evolves so does her journey and practice. Ellen would like to share her love of yoga and experience, guiding others to and through this inward sense calm and beautiful energy.