Debra Saunders

200 RYT

Debra Saunders has been practicing yoga and Pilates for a number of years and has recently made the decision to become a Certified Yoga Instructor. Debra enjoys bringing together mind, body, and spirit in a number of different ways. She holds her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification and is registered with Yoga Alliance. In addition, Debra is a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience and a great understanding of the cognitive, physical, and emotional connection. Debra holds many certificates including NASW Clinical Supervisor Certification, Academy of Certified Social Workers, Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, Qualified Clinical Social Worker, American Board of Medical Psychotherapist, Fellow and Diplomat Certification in Cognitive Therapy – Albert Ellis Institute, Gerontological Certification, School Social Worker - New Jersey Department of Education. Debra likens the mind-body-spirit in yoga to many of her other passions that have given her a sense of balance, peace, and strength (both physically and emotionally). These include her passion for scuba diving, sailing, and surfing. “The understanding and practice of bringing all of my experiences into my classes is my main focus,” states Debra. She believes that we are all students and that yoga should be fun. It is by practicing yoga that we can live our lives out of faith and not fear. 

Classes by Debra