Dawn Cruz

200 RYT

Dawn has been practicing yoga for about a decade. She first came to yoga as a means to become more physically fit. Dawn talks fondly about the time she first started attending class with Dana Gan. Looking around the room at all of the yoga students who easily were lifting and balancing in difficult poses like headstand and forearm stand, Dawn wondered what she was doing taking a class with students who appeared so much more advanced than her. With the encouragement of her teacher, she too learned how to easily lift and balance in these poses, and she felt a sense of confidence that propelled her forward in her practice.

 In June of 2016, Dawn received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification from Spiritual Journey Wellness Center. She is thrilled to share her love and knowledge of yoga with her students. Dawn inspires confidence in her students by creating a safe and comfortable teaching environment. Her motto is simple: “Yes, you can!” Dawn enjoys encouraging her students to find the physical and mental strength to challenge themselves and move forward in their practice. 

Classes by Dawn